Diversity, Belonging, Inclusion, and Equity at Yu Ying
Yu Ying Equity Team
Our Mixed Role Equity Group, Yu Ying Equity Team (YYET), consisting of caregivers, staff and leadership meets regularly. Its members are: Veronica Jimenez (caregiver), Kelly King (caregiver), Gabby Morrow (teacher), Kristen Peck (teacher), Victor Powell (caregiver), Gabbie Robinson (teacher), Nikki Shedrick (caregiver), Chunyuan Zou (teacher), Carlie Fisherow (staff), and Autumn Jackson (staff).

For SY23-24 its priority goals are:
  1. To build an infrastructure that supports Yu Ying’s equity work at the family and staff level
  2. Develop an equity vision and statement
  3. Create a sense of inter/intra connectedness within the community
  4. Improve language access for non-native English speakers
The following fierce vulnerability commitments are the team’s current focus and your input is welcome:
  1. Conflict is the spirit of relationship asking itself to deepen. (We will look at conflicts that surface as an opportunity to deepen in relationship, not divide as a community.)
  2. We have the right to be raggedy. (We’re going to mess up and it’s OK)
  3. Compassion for people’s ignorance.
  4. Hold accountability as an act of love.  (Hold each other and create space for growth)
  5. We ask questions with curiosity not as an intent to critique.  (Ask with the intent to know more, not to prove someone wrong)
  6. This is not a place for healing, though healing may happen here.
  7. The language of your choice is respected and welcome here. 

Read the full list of Fierce Vulnerability Commitments.  To get involved, complete the Equity Salon interest survey for upcoming race and equity dialogues or the PA sponsored Affinity Group survey.

If you have questions or comments, reach out to the KPEC+ co-leads, Nikki Shedrick and Autumn Jackson at equity@washingtonyuying.org.

Please Note: KPEC+ supports Yu Ying's stand against all forms of racism, bigotry, prejudice and mistreatment on the basis of difference. This is true across all lines including faith.
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