Yu Ying again rated a Tier 1 School by DCPCSB

Washington Yu Ying is proud to announce it has once again been rated a Tier 1 school by the DC Public Charter School Board. Read more here about their school quality

“Parents Have School Choice — Kids Win” Exclusive Interview with Maquita Alexander, head of Washington Yu Ying PCS

Although I have witnessed firsthand some truly amazing sights over my seven years covering the D.C. charter movement, I can honestly say that I was overjoyed during my recent visit with Maquita Alexander, the head of Washington Yu Ying PCS.

Charter Schools Face Growing Demand

Demand for a public charter school education continues to grow as evidenced by the wait list analysis released Monday by the D.C. Public Charter School Board.

Students Get Motivation Straight From the Top

The White House invited fourth and fifth grade students from Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School to meet President Xi Jinping at the official welcoming ceremony at the White House.