Yu Ying’s success depends greatly on a partnership between school and families.  We work hard to continuously strengthen that partnership and provide various opportunities for families to stay connected to our great school.  For example, our Head of School hosts monthly coffee breaks for families gather and talk about issues that are important to them.

Volunteering at the School

Because a child’s academic life is greatly enriched by a family who is well informed and active in school affairs, Yu Ying requires that parents/guardians volunteer at least 20 hours of their time in support of Yu Ying each school year, per student enrolled.  There are many great ways for families to contribute their time to support Yu Ying.  For example, parents/guardians can be classroom volunteers, project organizers, field trip chaperones, library helpers, or guest readers.

Joining Yu Ying’s Parent Association

Another great way to be stay connected to the school and contribute volunteer hours is by participating in Yu Ying’s Parent Association.  The mission of Yu Ying’s PA is to support the students, faculty, and staff of Washington Yu Ying.  Our Parents’ Association (PA) is a group of parents, who work hard to support the school.  Our PA holds regular meetings during each school year that can be attended by any member of the Yu Ying community.  For more information about Yu Ying’s Parents’ Association, please see Yu Ying PA Website.