Teaching Early Learners

We offer a full Chinese immersion program for children who are 3 and 4 years old. At Yu Ying, full immersion means that pre-k students are fully immersed in Chinese all day–5 days per week. Our pre-k students learn Chinese through play-based, exploratory lessons.  The Chinese language arts learning objectives are embedded in everything the students do, allowing for explicit language lessons through developmentally appropriate and enriching days.

Teaching Students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade

IMG_7459Students in kindergarten through 5th grade learn all subjects in both Chinese and English.  To do this, students are split into two small, paired classes, and alternate between their English and Chinese classroom each day, so that in a two-week period students had equal time with their Chinese and English teachers.

Promoting the IB Learner Profile

The aim of Yu Ying—and all IB Primary Years Programmes—is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world.  As IB learners, Yu Ying students and staff strive to be:


Following Our Inquiry Credo

At Yu Ying, we foster multi-lingual, life-long learners by following our Inquiry Credo:

  1. The community takes ownership of learning through strong thinking and communication skills.
  2. Throughout the learning process, the learning community values and encourages taking action.
  3. Inquiry and authentic learning experiences guide the learning community to critically assess knowledge by asking purposeful questions.
  4. The learning community develops deep conceptual understanding through exploration, multiple experiences, and skill acquisition.
  5. Through collaboration the learning community is encouraged to develop and share their ideas and embrace diverse perspectives.
  6. The learning community is encouraged to take initiative and persevere when challenged.
  7. All members of the learning community take responsibility for themselves and others.

Creating an Optimal Learning Environment

Yu Ying’s campus provides space for a comprehensive education, which focuses on the development of the whole student. Sitting on three woodsy acres, our campus features a 43,000-square foot building that is fully equipped with an art room, library, playgrounds, multi-purpose room, and performing arts space. Each classroom is filled with natural light and fresh air.

Yu Ying’s campus also features the Founders Forest, a one-acre outdoor nature center, which provides exploratory opportunities to nurture students’ innate curiosity about the world around them while mastering core academic concepts related to sustainability and environmentalism.  This optimal learning environment provides a wealth of opportunities for Yu Ying’s students and has plenty of room for learners to grow, explore, and (of course) play!