Expanding Access to Our Successful Program

As a leader in Chinese Immersion education, Yu Ying is determined to advance Chinese language programs and global citizenry education by expanding access to our successful program. To that end, we have developed services and products to help other schools create and strengthen their Chinese classes. For more information on our products, please products@washingtonyuying.org.

Employing an Effective Chinese Immersion Model

WashingtonYuYing_022Yu Ying creates global citizens through a dual English and Chinese language and culture immersion. Through an alternating day model, kindergarten through 5th grade students receive equal instruction in Chinese and English in all core subjects. This proven approach allows students to gain a deep understanding of the Chinese and English languages on a parallel track with content and academic subject mastery. Whether it’s writing mystery novellas in Chinese or explaining science labs in both languages, Yu Ying students are constantly working towards fluency while setting a framework for continued academic success.

Understanding That Diversity Drives Our Success

Fostering student diversity is more than a goal for Yu Ying; it’s at the core of everything we do. We believe the greatest gift we can give our students is a worldview that takes them outside of the day to day and pushes them to ask questions to better understand the world around them. Our students come from all over DC, from different families with different backgrounds and we believe that, while it is a challenge, our diversity is also our greatest asset. In fact, Yu Ying is one of the most racially diverse charter schools in DC. To ensure a diverse student population, Yu Ying has an annual lottery to admit new students. Yu Ying students and their families never pay tuition; there are no admission tests and applications are open to any student in the District of Columbia. Yu Ying embraces all.

“Both of my kids go to Yu Ying. They love to speak Chinese so much that they speak it at home to one another, especially when they don’t want us to know what they are talking about!”
Yu Ying Parent

Developing Excellent Immersion Educators

Yu Ying provides an training program that enables teachers to create a supportive learning environment and employ best instructional practices in a Chinese immersion setting.

WashingtonYuYing_046Our faculty also deepen their knowledge and hone their skills by attending and presenting at national conferences.  In fact, Yu Ying educators are often regular presenters at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and the National Chinese Language Conference.  Locally our staff lead learning sessions for International Baccalaureate Mid-Atlantic conference, Washington International Summer Institute for Teachers, and other various workshops in the DC Metro area.