Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Yu Ying?

Yu Ying participates in the My School DC common lottery. All applications to Yu Ying must be submitted through My School DC.

Does my child need to live in DC to attend Yu Ying?

Yes. All Yu Ying applicants must live in the District of Columbia by the time of enrollment, usually around May 1st prior to the start of school in the fall.

For which grades does Yu Ying accept applications?

Yu Ying accepts applications for students entering grades Pre-k 3 through 2nd.

Does Yu Ying have sibling preference?


May I visit Yu Ying and tour your school?

Families applying to Yu Ying may tour the campus during one of our evening Information Sessions. These sessions typically take place during the autumn and winter months. Session dates and times will be posted on our website, starting in October.

How many spots will be available on the lottery each year?

The number of available seats for new students in a given year is difficult to estimate. It depends on the number of sibling applicants and the number of students who do not re-enroll. We do our best to estimate this number in the spring; however, the number of available seats for a grade can change throughout the summer. Most new students to Yu Ying enter in Pre-k3 and Pre-k4.

I don't speak Chinese--how can I help my child with homework?

You’re not alone–most Yu Ying families do not speak Chinese. Yu Ying provides an online portal of resources, so that families can help their children with Chinese homework. Our Chinese resources includes audio and video tools for families. We also offer Chinese Homework class during our afterschool program.

How much is tuition at Yu Ying?

Nothing.  As a public charter school, Washington Yu Ying does not charge tuition to children who live in Washington, D.C.

My child already knows Chinese. Can she test into Yu Ying?

No. Yu Ying is not allowed to provide tests to students as a condition of enrollment. The only way a child may enroll into Yu Ying is by submitting an application through My School DC, and being matched to Yu Ying in the lottery.

How much of the day is spent in the Chinese class?

Students in Pre-k 3 and Pre-k 4 spend 100% of the day in full immersion Chinese classrooms. In the Chinese classrooms, teachers speak only Mandarin, not English. Until they are comfortable speaking Mandarin, many students will engage with each other and the teacher in English.

Students in kindergarten through 5th grade spend 50% of their time in Chinese classrooms and 50% in English classrooms. These students learn all subjects in both Chinese and English.

How does the school’s testing compare with other non-immersion test scores?

Please see DCPCSB and FOCUS websites for test scores from Yu Ying and other schools.

Where do the Chinese teachers come from?

All Chinese lead teachers are native Chinese speakers from China or Taiwan.

Does Yu Ying offer a Chinese summer camp for students?

Yes. More information is on our Summer Camp Page.

Does the aftercare program take vouchers?

Yu Ying’s aftercare program does not take government vouchers. However, there is a sliding scale for families who quality.

If I notify the school that my child is going to be absent, is that excused?

Not necessarily–it depends on the reason. Generally, absences are excused for medical reasons. We do make exceptions for certain other conditions. Please ask our front desk staff.

If I notify Yu Ying that my child will be late for school, would the tardy be excused?

Not necessarily. Most student tardies are unexcused; however, we do make exceptions for doctor appointments, certain weather and traffic conditions.

May I drop my child off near campus if he is late?

No.  All students who arrive late to school must be signed in by an adult at the front desk.

Do I need to notify the school that someone other than myself is going to pick up my child?

Yes. If the person is picking up for the first time, s/he should report to the Front Desk to show ID before picking up. If someone comes to pick up your child, and you have notified the school and s/he is not on your authorized list for pick-up, we will not release your child until you or your spouse have approved it.