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Washington Yu Ying PCS takes its name — meaning nurturing excellence — from a groundbreaking girls school founded in 1911 in Beijing, China. Established by a former Imperial Lady-in-Waiting, Madame Tzen-Kuei Wang, the Yu Ying School offered classroom education at a time when the centuries-old tutorial system was still the norm in China. The school was a powerful force for educational change in China.


In providing Chinese language immersion in a structured inquiry environment, the founders of Washington Yu Ying PCS have a no less ambitious goal today. As parents and educators with a passion for quality public education and Chinese language and culture, we established Yu Ying on the belief that all DC children have the right to a world class education that opens doors to the future.



Our children are growing up at a time when their only certainty is change. Technology, global economics, and political realities have reshaped our world over the past decade. As a result, both the private and public sectors are seeking highly-skilled individuals who understand other cultures and speak their languages. Cognizant of the fact that today's kindergarten students will be the citizens and workforce of 2025, Yu Ying endeavors to provide a world class education to all students in the District of Columbia that will allow them to embrace the future as lifelong learners and global citizens.


Aiming to spark the fire of lifelong learning, Yu Ying combines Chinese language immersion with the structured inquiry approach of the International Baccalaureate. We chose this curriculum because it challenges students while providing them with the skills and resources to succeed as global leaders in our evermore connected world.


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